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Core values

BALKANplan ensure the top-level of its services with holistic approach to every problem combined with experience and trust. Our senior team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in business, technology and EU projects. In parallel our external team is a group of senior industry, science, legal and political figures, that provides strategic advice and cooperation. BALKANplan's team consists of highly qualified professionals with significant expertise and knowledge. All executives of the company possess at least Ph.D degree, years-long experience and practice. The team covers all skills needed to successfully accomplish independent projects for our clients and help them reach and go beyond their aims and dreams. The working languages of the company are English, Greek, Bulgarian, French and Russian.
The experience of BALKANplan is a result of the qualifications of its human potential and of their involvement in national projects and European Union programmes combined with the in-depth knowledge of the issues related to policies on enterprises.

Due to their long working relation with the European Commission and experience in E.U. affairs and its continuous contacts with private businesses, SMEs, universities and local authorities, the company has some competitive advantages which could be summarized as follows:
Knowledge of European Union legislation, policies, action plans and programmes and of the rules and guidelines applied by the European Commission.
Participation of its executives in the implementation and in the management of various national and international projects, many of which fall within the framework of European Union initiatives.
Long-term established contacts and relations with enterprises and SMEs in the E.U., the Mediterranean and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as with Universities, research centres and institutes dealing with technology matters related to SMEs, regional and local authorities and professional federations.
Experience in various policy and technology related fields; Our human resources qualifications combined with involvement in projects and products concerning different science and technology fields, have led to the acquiring of a large experience and knowledge on the latest technological developments and industry applications and on the possibility to develop various activities related to training, environmental issues, new technologies and SMEs.

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