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Pedagogical and andragogical competencies for VET trainers and teachers E-mail

The project PAC.TT (Pedagogical and andragogical competencies for VET trainers and teachers) is a two year project under the Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of innovation program. The partners in the project include six different institutions from five countries: T.C. İSTANBUL VALİLİĞİ (Turkey), Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Portugal), Educational Association o. s. (Czech Republic), “Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Mesleki Teknik Eğitimi Geliştirme Merkezi"(Turkey), Eurofortis SIA(Latvia), Balkanplan (Bulgaria).

The quality of Human capital is crucial for Europe’s success. The Europe 2020 Strategy puts a strong emphasis on education and training to promote “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. In this context VET teachers and trainers became crucial in the whole knowledge system: we need to ensure more efficient trainers and teachers, less expensive training and skills improvement methods for them and also more work oriented skills for trainers and teachers. The project idea is based on the fact that the quality of the trainer and teacher’s innovative practices and methodologies, will strongly impact on the VET systems overall quality and attractiveness, where trainer and teacher’s performance has a very important role.

In this sense Training Methodology for Trainers and Pedagogical and Andragogical Competences are understood as main tool for preparing teachers and trainers to be aware of different competencies required to this function and at the same time to be conscious of the importance to promote 8 key competences, “green attitudes” and life long learning attitudes in their trainees and students.Trainers became knowledge mediators and brokers (instead of knowledge transfers) that must be able to encourage new “knowledge surfers” in information society and green economy as well as promote the balance of different individual needs and talents, under an inclusive and empowering context. 

Some important, attractive and efficient products and training modules for trainers (training of trainers) were build in Portugal and they can be adapted and improved in each different European county, based on national needs, strengths and opportunities.The overall aim of PAC.TT project is to increase the quality of European VET systems by providing more pedagogical and andragogical competences as the 8 key competences, literacy, communication in foreign languages, mathematical competence, basic competence in science and technology, digital competence and civic and entrepreneurial competences and new transversal green competencies that composes a healthy citizenship and contributes to social cohesion.

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