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AMiCo Project
Due to demographic change of Western European societies, there is an increasing demand for professional personnel in the Elderly Care which cannot be covered by personnel in the respective countries but makes necessary the immigration of professionals from abroad, often from Poland or Romania. But the heterogeneity of vocational education systems in Europe makes the assessment of qualifications difficult, hindering the professionals’ mobility. Therefore, Eastern European professionals wishing to work in Germany/Italy need information on possibilities of acknowledgement, further VET, requirements regarding the professional profiles in the receiving countries, and language trainings to prepare for the challenges they will face on the receiving labor market.


AMiCo aims at developing a multilingual informational web page and an ICT based self assessment tool (AMiCo tool) to provide the above mentioned crucial orientation. It draws on the results of two previous European projects (IQEA, Talenti di Cura) and focuses on the European priority of ECVET. The resulting internet tool will enable individuals working in the Elderly Care to assess professionally relevant experiences and competences that were acquired formally, informally or non-formally. The tool will produce transparency regarding professional profiles and fields of activity in the Elderly Care in the five countries involved. It will allow for the identification of correspondences/discrepancies, and will provide the individual user with recommendations regarding supplementary competences that should be acquired before migration. The hosting web page will comprise additional information and links to relevant organizations. The consortium comprises 7 partners from Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. All of them have expertise in the Elderly Care (curricula, practice), VET or/and realization of European projects. Several partners of the previous projects IQEA, Talenti di Cura and a current ECVET project are involved. 


The AMiCo consortium addresses Elderly Care professionals, organizations in the field of vocational education and advice, employers and key actors of the labor market (e.g. labor agency, job centers). Informational and sensitization activities also address policy-makers in order to raise awareness of ECVET and promote its implementation in the field of Elderly Care. As a result of the AMiCo, comprehensive instruments (web page, self assessment tool) for autonomous orientation by professionals, advice and training in vocational education, for development of curricula according to ECVET, and for orientation for employers, key actors in the labor market and policy makers will be at hand. The mobility of professionals within Europe and the implementation of ECVET in the countries involved will be practically promoted. AMiCo project results may be transferred to further countries and professional fields.


Partners in the project are:

beramí beruflicheIntegration e.V. - Project Coordinator
Burgstraße 106
60389 Frankfurt, Germany
Balkanplan Ltd

Balkanplan Ltd.
99 G.S. Rakovski str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Rotkreuz Campus
DRK-Landesverband Hessen e.V., Staatlich anerkannte Lehranstalt für Altenpflege (RotkreuzCampus)
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 28
Kronberg im Taunus, Germany
Anziani e non solo
Anziani e Non Solo società cooperativa
Via Lenin 55
I-41012 Carpi, Italy
Association for the Development of Continuing Education
28 Wielowiejska str.
04-884 Warsaw, Poland
CJD Maximiliansau
Rheinstrasse 1
76744 - WOERTH (Rhein), Germany
Asociatia Habilitas Centrul de Resurse si Formare Profesionala
4 Aleea Valea Rosie
61738 Bucuresti, Romania

 AMiCo project website: http://amico-online.org/
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