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Towards European Teachers Portfolio

Grundtvig Programme

"Towards a European Teacher Portfolio"(In search of the non academic key competences that any European teacher should get during his/her lifelong learning)
The project aims to develop the sentiment of "being a European teacher" in our different communities through projects and research into non academic key competences – of teachers. Finally we will have as a product a European Teacher Portfolio about all the non academic key –competences that any European teacher should have and solutions, ways, and ideas of training or courses to reach these competences. We will look at the similarities and differences between different areas of Europe. We will share what we have learned about the right non academic key competences of European Teachers by displaying our results in public institutions in any country.
The project "Towards a European Teacher Portfolio" is funded by the European Commission under the programme "Leonardo da Vinci", sub-programme "Grundvig". The project started on the 1st August 2008 and will be completed in two years.

We understand as non academic key-competences social, civic, cultural and intercultural abilities and the spirit of innovation, use of ICT, use of languages.All of the partners are institutions or organization working in the field of teacher training within formal (school, university and adult education establishments) and non formal sector. The common line of all of them is the establishment of actions for developing the Lifelong learning principles focus on teachers - as adult learner.The partners are: 

The European Pole of Knowledge (Italy) is a network of schools, associations and institutions which is working for the European social integration. Its main field of activity is to promote the European dimension and integration through workshops, seminars, conferences, partnerships and projects.

The European Pole of Knowledge works in every field of education, from ITC to in-service training courses for teachers, from Kindergartens to adult education in prison and in rural areas. It works mainly on social exclusion, fighting against xenophobia and racism, training of students and drop outs, intercultural learning and youth workers' training project.

Centrum Edukacji Nauczycieli w Koszalinie. (In-Service Teachers Training Centre in Koszalin (Poland). They are generally operating in a disadvantaged area. It used to be a rural region and there are lots of small country and village schools and teachers often need to face social problems such as poverty or lack of motivation. One of the biggest objectives therefore, is specially designed programs to help learners from country school have the same learning possibilities as learners from city schools.

Konya, Turkey. Konya Provincial National Education Directorate is a state institution in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in pre-school, primary, secondary and adult education in Konya Province for teachers out of staff, students, primary and high schools. Their vision is to be a qualified, prominent institution that has reached the level to compete equivalent institutions in Turkey and in modern countries with ensuring authentic contribution to the development of Turkish National Education System by providing effective usage of knowledge, skill, value and technology required for Knowledge Era.BalkanPLan (Bulgaria) In the field of training

BalkanPlan provides help to clients to organize training courses, training materials, conferences, workshops, inter-company re-qualification courses and other related activities. Balkan Plan puts special emphasis on Life-long training and career development, development of complementary skills and competences, schemes for knowledge sharing in partnerships between the public and private sector, including in particular SMEs.

CEP Tomelloso (Spain) In-service training centre for teachers. It is a regional In-service Training Center settled in a developed urban area with an increasing population .The center offers courses for in–service teachers and advises schools about innovative projects like reading programmes, Comenius programmes and in a Grundtvig project.

Plunge Adult Education Centre (Lithuania) is a centre of various educational activities for all member groups of our community: from young to old. One of their goals is to help elderly people to adopt themselves to this rapidly changing world by teaching them to use new technologies in their lives and help them to feel useful in our community life.The concrete objectives of the project are:To describe and to compare the actual situation in each centre of the partnership.To study what implications brings up the European vision on key competences in the lifelong learning context.To select the non academic key competences for teachers (more significant and representatives).To analyse the way these competences determine the quality for teachers Continual Professional Development.To help provide teachers with a pathway to completing their training with non academic key competences such as abilities that are: social, civic, cultural, intercultural and the spirit of innovation, use of IT, use of languagesTo elaborate a common glossary of all institution involved about the basic teachers´ non academic key- competences.To shape and finally describe the European Portfolio of Teachers competences.

Final materials (including the development of a European Portfolio of Teachers' Non-academic Competences) were promoted ways to get training in those non- academic key competences to help teachers by offering a pathway to improving their non- academic key competences.


More about the project can be found at its website http://towardsaneuropeanteacherportfolio.wordpress.com

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